Gary M. Peiffer Wood Scultpting

Current projects

It has been a long and cold winter which is ideal for carving!  I spent most of the Winter working on a number of fanciful caricature pieces.  First and foremost, I carved the cartoon character, Crusader Rabbit.  The Crusader project has been on my mind for a long time now, and it was good to scratch the Crusader itch.  Of course, when I carved Crusader, I also had to carve his sidekick, Rags the Tiger.  For those unfamiliar with Crusader Rabbit, he was the first animated cartoon on television (in black and white!).  

I also worked on several Pa Dutch Critters including a new PA Dutch Monkey design done in two different color schemes, and dog version of the PA Dutch Critter skeleton series, and a Halloween series starting with the rabbit as the first in the series.

 I have been spending time designing new Story book caricatures.  For my own designs, I typically start with rough sketches and then work to refine the rough sketches into patterns for the lead projects.  The final patterns are then used to cut out wood blanks for carving.  The process sounds simple, but is very time consuming in order to get to the right design that will translate into a carving.  However, the reward is using the creativity to come up with a unique carving pattern that is your own design.  The latest output of this process is the Band Bunny in the pictures below.  I want to do a band that consist of several Storybook characters and the Bunny with a drum is the first member of the band.  This piece required carving and adding separate pieces including the drum sticks and the drum.  I typically do my carvings in one piece of wood, but when called for, I will carve and add pieces separately.
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